Microsoft Azure

Azure Policy Definitions

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Azure Resource Graph Query Collection

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Inside Azure Management ebook (co-authored by Tao Yang)

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Powershell Modules:

  • AzPolicyTest: This module provides pre-defined pester tests for Azure Policy and Initiative definitions.
  • AzureServicePrincipalAccount: Azure Automation module that defines key (password) based Azure AD Service Principal connection asset and offers easier way to sign in to Azure using the service principals. It also provides a function Get-AzureADToken that generates Azure AD oAuth token either using a user principal or a service principal.
  • cPowerShellPackageManagement: cPowerShellPackageManagement DSC Resource
  • OMSDataInjection: This module contains functions to inject custom data into Azure Log Analytics using the Log Analytics HTTP Data Collector API.
  • OpsMgrExtended: This module is designed to fill some gaps in the current OpsMgr solutions provided natively by the System Center suite. This module can be used as an Azure Automation Integration Module or as a standalone PowerShell module.
  • PSPesterTest: Provides pre-defined pester tests for PowerShell scripts and modules.
  • SendEmail: A Simple PowerShell module for sending emails. This module can also be used as SMA and Azure Automation Integration Modules.
  • SharePointSDK: This module provides activities that can be used to manage Sharepoint lists. It supports SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint Online, and SharePoint 2010 (Limited).
  • TestJsonSchema: Pester test JSON file against provided schema
  • tfe: PowerShell module that invokes Terraform Enterprise REST APIs

Microsoft System Center

OpsMgr Self Maintenace MP

The OpsMgr Self Maintenance Management Pack has been acquired by Cookdown. Moving forward, it will remain as a free community MP. The You can download the latest version (v3.1) from Cookdown’s website.